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*HANDMADE in our Royalkane Studio: A Tee-Shirt from our company that reads NEVER NUDE with a picture of Cut-Off shorts, that as an AD fan can appreciate is from how Tobias Funke is a "never nude" or a man who can never be fully nude and always showers and spends life in his cutoff shorts under his clothing ;-) AD fans will be sure to get a huge laugh out of this brilliant shirt, and others will ask you about it smiling and you will make another AD fan out of pure fascination ;-)
If you'd like a men's shirt let us know, or if you buy this package and you'd instead like it on a ladies shirt, let us know your preference.

100% cotton
Shirt Measurements for the Men’s T-shirts
Measurements are in inches and with the shirt laying flat.
Width: 18"
Length: 28"

Width: 20"
Length: 29"

Width: 22"
Length: 30"

Width: 24”
Length: 31”

Width: 26”
Length: 32”

Width: 28”
Length: 33”