Retro NEW Charlie Yellow Zig Zag boys FUNNY Halloween Costume Polo Shirt



Awesome Retro Charlie Shirt 


"Oh My Gosh!! I love this shirt!!! It is great quality and super cute!! My litlle guy looks just like Charlie Brown!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!""

Looks just like your favorite bad luck cartoon friend hopped off the screen with this retro inspired Charlie shirt. Unlike most on the market, our Royal Kane copyright zig zag design actually looks like a drawing just like the real thing. And this is a polo shirt, making it the most accurate on the market, as Charlie's shirt is a polo and not a tee-shirt.
The zigzags go across the front of the shirt (not in the back) and everyone will love your tribute to this timeless character and wish they had one too! 
A wonderful play on a classic design, every one will be so excited every time you wear it!

People get their kicks off such a tee shirt full of warm goodness. We only sell awesome shirts. This shirt is way comfortable and will become a staple of your wardrobe of awesomeness. This is a Royal Kane Original Design, can't be found anywhere else on the planet.

*All shirts and printing may vary ever so slightly from what is shown, as you are supporting local artists who do everything old school by hand. We'll even sprinkle in a little love for free.

We at Royal Kane always wear our own shirt designs, as we won't design them unless they're awesome enough to be worn by us. 
Makes the best gift around.

BRAND NEW and hot off the silk screen press.

Garment: Child quality Polo shirt